We believe that once you are at the cottage, you should be able to settle in, and not find yourself running back and forth to town for the odd forgotten item. We believe that you should go to a cottage with bare necessities, as if you visit regularly, and your general supplies such as towels, linens and bedding, games and water toys are always there, waiting for you.
We go as far as having q-tips, soap, shampoo, and in the kitchen, some spices, basic first aid kits, etc, so you don't have to keep running to town if you are in a pinch or its a beautiful day. These details are not on the list below but are worth noting. When you are at the cottage, you should be enjoying yourself, at least that's our theory. Anyway, the list will give you an idea of what not to pack.

We hope you find it helpful. If there are any other questions, please let us know.

You will find additional supplies to help throughout your stay. We think of it like visiting a friend's place - if you need something and you don't want to go to town right away, look through the cupboards, it should be there. This is set up specifically for your comfort. You will also find empty drawers and kitchen cupboards for your supplies.
There are games, books, and some crafts and colouring books for the children for possible rainy days (fondly known as babysitting material-shhh).
Anyway, bring your favorite sundries/personal items, and your favorite summer clothes. Also if you are able, bring your food, and favorite spices etc. You will find some backups there for emergencies. Everything at the cottage was put there for YOUR enjoyment. If you need baggies, and foil, and plastic wrap, although we would appreciate you bringing it, there is some, in a drawer for your use.
If you have a ton of wash to do, you may need extra laundry detergent, but you can do a few loads with what is there. We are trying to generalize to give you an idea of what is there, our goal being that you have a nice time, instead of being in town on runs. We will supply a large bottle or more of water (18L). If you need more, you can turn in the bottles and get new filled ones at Sobey's Foods. Sobey's Foods is five minutes away and will be open on Sundays. There is a Walmart, Shopper's Drug, Canadian Tire, Dollarama and more, so almost all supplies are available in town.

* Living Room
* Dining Room 8
* Kitchen 4
* Great Room
* Master Bedroom (2)Q / walk-in closet with child's cot (1)C
* Front Bedroom (2)Q
* Middle Bedroom (2)D
* Bay Window Room (2)Q
* Back Bedroom (2)Q
* Kids Bunk Bedroom (2)T
* Adult cot bed/portable (1)T
* Fold Away Playpen-  'Evenflo'
* Sauna Room
* 3 Bathrooms- see below

* Blankets, pillows, sheets
* Bath towels (includes what is hanging) avg. 2/person, various sizes for beach use etc.
* Face cloths
* Hand towels
* T-towels
* Dish cloths

* Fully equipped kitchen - pots'n'pans, dinnerware for 12, various
glasses, including stemmed and some plastic supplies, mugs & tea cups,
utensils, and much more.
* Microwave
* Mixer
* Blender
* Coffee maker (a bit of coffee)
* Tea pot (some tea)
* Toaster and toaster oven
* 2 Refrigerators
* Stove
* Table 4 (plus Dining Room is in view )
* Dishwasher/dishwashing supplies
* Garbage bags (4-6pc), dish soap, scrubbies, dishwasher soap, etc.
Click for Drawing of inside that clicks throuogh to Photos of each area.

* 4-piece bathroom-toilet, sink, shower, tub / hair drier
* 3-piece ensuite bathroom - toilet, sink, old soaker tub
* 3-piece bathroom- toilet, sink, shower

* Electric baseboard heating
* Fireplace
* Wood stove
* Portable heaters

* Ceiling x2 in Great Room
* Back BR
* Mid BR
* Living Rm
* 2 Stand up portable fans

* TV
* VCR/ + tapes
* Satellite dish
* Micro stereo with radio, CD player, cassette
* Clock radios
INDOOR GAMES (games may change from time to time.)
* Monopoly
* Pictionary
* Cards
* Chess
* Checkers
* Puzzles
* Kids Games
* Scrabble

* Washing machine
* Clothes dryer
* Mini ironing board, and reg. size iron
* Vacuum cleaner, broom, dust pan

* Large wrap around deck
* Propane BBQ- 1 tank full, plus a spare
* Charcoal BBQ
* Deck furniture - 2 white loungers, and 2 cedar octagonal tables that seat up to 8 people each.
* Glass table with  chairs.
* Around the property 3 round tables with 12 green chairs ; small plastic end
tables; 4 green full length lounge chairs;
* 1 lawn table with 4 chairs; 6 chairs by fire pit; 6 extra green

OUTDOOR GAMES in the Rec Cupboard:
* Horseshoes
* Badminton
* Croquet
* etc

WATER TOYS (seasonal)
* Pedal boat
* Noodles
* Inflatables , pump
* 10 lifejackets - various sizes- 2 large, 2 med, 5 child, 1 baby, plus 1 child's training vest
* Canoe x 2
* Kayak - Touring/ Flat-Ribbed bottom
* Dock 8' x 16'
* Raft 8' x 8'

* Bottled water  1 x 18L/wk
* UV filtered taps ( tests fine - we use it for cooking and brushing teeth)

* About 5 minutes south of Parry Sound where you will find shopping, dining, hospital.

*2.56 acres with 422' of waterfront. Land is pie shaped and is nicely
varied. Along the front of the property, one side has beach, center has
raised trees & cottage, other side has lawn and dock. Row of trees in front
of cottage creates privacy on deck. Back of pie has woods with access to overlook marsh. You will see owls, deer and more if you are quiet and early. Marsh can also be accessed on driveway.
Click for a drawing that shows photos of each area.

* Behind the beach, there is parking. There are about 30 stairs, from the beach to the beach side door,
with a landing at the half point. There is also access
by driving up a slightly higher hill to the 'Back Door'. There is a third
entrance on the lawn side, which is accessible if you drive up to the back,
then walk around the right side of the cottage. Although outside, this is a
good shortcut to the front as you become more familiar with the place.

* On Oastler Lake. Smilin' Moose owns right to the water's edge.

* Beach- Sand, about 80'-100' long, with some grass on sides. Very shallow. About
12-15' out there is a long thin row (3-6') of water plants. On one side
there is a clearing through the row so its very easy to pass. There is a
raft between the beach and the island. its not really deep there, maybe
6-8', but very pretty. Pedal boat to the back of the island
and swim from there as well- its lovely. Watch for Blue Herons, Loons,
Beavers and other wildlife near or in the water. You will see Heron prints
at the beach now and then.

* Lawn area, on the other side of the cottage, is great for lawn games
(supplied) or just relaxing. Look for a few tree roots crawling over the
natural rock trim that goes from the driveway, along the lawn, right to the
lake where the dock is.

* Lawn Area leads to Dock- Good Swim Area- water is a little deeper. There
is a nice spot to sit under the trees. At the other side of the 422' of
waterfront, with deeper water. The land/waterfront on that side is trimmed
with rocks. One is nice to sit on, as is the dock in the morning sun. You
can see these at the web site. The drawings at the bottom and the photos,

* At the back of the cottage there are woods with short path overlooking
'Moose Meadow'. You will have driven by it when arriving. It is a small marsh, full of
ferns, on the right just before you turn the corner to the beach. Pretty
looking rocky wall on 'path' side. (green moss covered rocks, trees that
are pushed off the ground so you can see through the roots to the other
side. Walk from back of cottage to overlook the area.)

* 2.5 acre pie shaped lot. Can't really see any neighbors, just one slightly as you park. They have a right of way up the driveway to their cottage. They may drive by the odd time, and although they are rarely there, you should watch for them when on the driveway. Their cottage is the 'end' of the road so there is no through traffic.

--NOTE--It is always a good idea to honk at all blind corners and rises, as this cottage is on a single lane road.

Click for the web page we've set up.
* Bear Claw ATV Tours
* Fly or Tour boat To Henry's Fish'n'Chips
(on an island in Georgian Bay, very casual)
* Fly over Georgian Bay
* Golf Courses
* Parry Sound Museum
* Boat Cruise on Georgian Bay.

* Public Boat Launch/ no marina/ rentals available through The Cove, or Otter Lake Marina
* Diving Rocks
* Park Store, or close by, just off the lake is Forest Hill Variety
* Whitfield Restaurant/Bar