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Heya! It's Rebecca here...AGAIN.
I have no idea of how many times I've written in this book, but I'm sure I have a lot. Anyhoo, once again,
we had fun with 2 additional babies along for the ride. Ainsley had fun at her first 'Smilin' Moose Fireworks Show"
Lots-o-laughter filled the household as fun and games took its turn on our vacation.
Babies ran around and the beach was in use for half the vaca.
Even though we had fun, breakfast time was a microsized issue, because we had more people.
Not to worry, we managed as the days passed.
When I stay here, a week doesn't feel like a week.
From Art, Movies, Bubbles and Games, to family, nature and Fun,
I'll miss this place ever so much I dearly wish to come again.
(Rebecca, 12 yrs July/08)

Another amazing week at the Smilin' Moose! We have had the best time, despite a couple of cool, wet mornings.
We spent lazy hours at he beach and some not so lazy fun playing badminton and croquet.
Everyone delighted in the wildlife - family of loons (or are they ducks?) on the beach, young deer along Hog's Hollow, chipmunk on the deck, hummingbirds on the vine by the kitchen window,
and the minnows that Rebecca and Ainsley tried so hard to catch.

The children had a fantastic time, as did all the grown-ups.
Having a lake 'in your backyard' was an experience to be maximized! A week always seems too short!
Our week at the Moose has become a family tradition that we hope to continue for many more years.

Thank you for making the Moose our home away from home. We love building on our memories.
(Tunney, Braeken, & Swiddle Families July/08)

My family ad I had an amazing time at your beautiful cottage.
The kids loved the beach - especially catching little fish - of course they got back to their home!
It was great to have the sports equipment. Your cottage has everything we could have wanted!
Thank you so much - it was a great experience for us all and we look forward to coming back.
(Dunn Family July/08)

We have had a lot of fun here at the Smilin' Moose Lodge. This is our second year here,
and we have enjoyed playing on the beach, kayaking, canoeing, playing badminton,
and warming up in the sauna. We have also enjoyed doing four bonfires this week.
ps Thanks for all the crafts, toys, puzzles, and games for us to use.

I had a great week at the Smilin' Moose :) My favorite things were:
1. Campfires and smores
2. Fishing off the dock!
3. Paddle boat rides
4. Renting a boat and going tubing
5. Playing on the beach
6. Sleeping in the closet
7. Playing on the intercom
(the Ashtons Aug/08)

Rowan: The Lake, Lots of relaxing time spent reading, canoeing and tubing.
Rhys: Tubing, Swimming, Playing with my cousins
Owen: Playing with my brother and cousins
Stuart: Swimming in the lake and tubing, Relaxing with no distractions, Playing sing star on the play station.
Laura Jo: Having the whole family together, Tubing with Stuart, and canoeing with Bill and Rowan, Birthdays
Anne: Lazy mornings, Watching the kids playing games together, evening bonfires, making new memories.
Joyce: The beach and bonfires, the laughter and excitement of the kid's discoveries,
having my kids and grand kids under one roof, lots of family dinners.

David: Driving the boat twice, Beating my uncle three times in a row playing Cribbage,
The cool breeze drifting into the living room at night.
Scott: Time with the family, Tim Hortons (none in Texas!), Swim in the lake, Cribbage and Euchre,
boating and bonfires.
Bill: got drunk, can't remember, food, family!
Katie: Tubing!!(the best by far!), campfires with smores, canoeing and swimming. I love SML.
Clark: Trying to dump the kids off the tube, losing at Crib to my nephew and brother, spending time with my family.
Tanya: Enjoying watching kids having fun boating and tubing, chill-axing at the SML,
guilt free eat and drink and lots of it!!

(Gunter Family, Aug /08)

Our second summer in paradise! Again, we had such a wonderful, relaxing week. Our fishing contest was a success.
5 yr old Thomas won first prize with a 10" large mouth bass!
The girls used their craft table to draw their 'super cousins' stories and watch the Olympics.
We hate to leave, but immediately look forward to next year!
(McDonald Popkey Families Aug/08)