<<< Summer 2010 >>>


Another year, another amazing week at the Smilin' Moose!!! This is our 7th summer at the Moose and everyone had a great time. Weather was fantastic!
Until next year... Thank you so much for everything!!!
(Tunney, Braeken, & Swiddle Families July/10)

Sticky little finger prints on the wall.
4 great grand kids had a ball.
We all enjoyed the beach.
Weather suited us. We had a cruise on the Island Queen. It seems hard to believe the week is over.
(Fran July/10)

My name is Ashley. Thank you. It was fun!
(Ashley, age 6, July/10)

As the four young ones head off to bed, I finally find the time to reminisce on our week. This year was my last in elementary school. I was sad, I probably wouldn't see half the kids in high school. Thanks goodness for the Smiling Moose.
This week was busy, always keeping me occupied, so I barely ever had a chance to feel sad.
The lake water felt cool on the hot days, while the sand made for the perfect place to set off fireworks. The younger kids found joy in running around the backyard while they blew bubbles. The older kids (because really, there's a kid in all of us) found joy in watching the FIFA World Cup.
The weather had us eating outside for almost every meal. So, if you find little pieces of rice on the deck, you'll know why.
Thank you again, for letting us stay at this gorgeous cottage. Oh, and thanks for the extra fireworks too.
So many memories, so little paper to write on.
Have a great summer!
(Rebecca, age 14, July/10)

The Kaye and Collier Gang had a wonderful time once again! We love the cottage, the beach, fishing and camp fires! From start to finish the rental was easy and very friendly. Thanks again for the memories.
(Kaye, Collier, July/10)

The year of the Big Bass. Thomas James aged 7 again one the trophy for 3 huge bass! 14", 16" & 17.5"!!!
Congratulations for putting food on the table Thomas.
(Popa Doug Aug/2010)

The cottage olympics was great. But the only thing that was bad was Ierland Lost!! Can you believe that.
(Jayden Aug/10)

The cottage olympics was great. But the only thing that was bad was Ireland Lost!! Can you believe that.
(Jayden Aug/10)