Before Booking the Cottage...

How much does it cost to rent the cottage?

The Smilin' Moose averages $375-$425 per person per week. Details Here

There are 16 [or more] guests in our group. Can The Smilin' Moose Lodge accommodate us?

The Smilin' Moose Lodge is set up for 12 guests in proper beds, accompanied by a child cot and an adult cot. Plus baby, makes 15.

We have allergies in our family. Can you accommodate that?

Let us know in advance and we will make arrangements to remove feather pillows and any other animal irritants prior to your arrival.
We also attempt to book guests that are animal free in the weeks prior to your stay.

We want to have a wedding or wedding party at the cottage. Do you have enough parking for 40?

The Smilin' Moose Lodge is a cottage and is not designed for parties or events of any type.

My sister's family has a dog. Are we allowed to bring it along?

Dogs love this cottage. They are very welcome providing they are well behaved. No unneccessary noise, running loose, no going on furniture, and clean up is required inside and out. Rules are a little tougher all around and if damages are incurred, charges will apply.