<<< Summer 2004 >>>


"We are back home now [in England ] and thought we'd drop you a line
thanking you for the excellent stay we had at the Moose.
We couldn't have asked for a more comprehensively equipped property."
"You really do have every angle covered with the facilities there.
Our kids were safe and a great time
was had by all. Thanks again."
(Trevor, Lynn , Eleanor & Lois Aug /04)

"Thank you very much for providing such a well equipped beautiful cottage.
The extra thought and
kiddy safety stuff was great and much appreciated.
A great time was had by us all at the moose!"
(Trevor, Lynn , Eleanor & Lois Aug /04)

"FAMILY, FUN, FOOD. Thanks for the happy memories we will carry forward!"
(the Hare family Aug /04)

"We had a terrific holiday in late July - the weather was perfect, the beach was great,
we loved the property and the lake, the dock and the canoe, and the kitchen was "to die for"!
The children, along with the rest of us, really enjoyed the beach, and the fire pit was a fun addition.
Also, having gates on the deck was a godsend."
(N. Meagher July /04)

"We enjoyed a GREAT week at the Smilin' Moose Lodge. What a beautiful property.
Our 3 babies (21 months, 16 months, and 2.5 months) LOVE your beach!
We were thrilled to find such a child friendly cottage... Thanks!"
(the Meagher Summer Vacation July /04)

"We had a great holiday and found the cottage very thoughtfully and well equipped.
The kids had a ball with the craft centre!"
"Thank you guys so much again, it was a great week and our 10 year anniversary of our
families cottaging together.
It was a pleasure to meet you both."
(McFarland and Scully July /04)

To Smilin' Moose. I really like Smilin' Moose but what I really like is the Moose head and the
bull skull in the Great Room and the picture of the Bob Cat.
P.S. Smilin Moose is as good as a $100.

"We had the best week at the Smilin' Moose! Although we didn't actually see a moose,
we did see (and smell!) fresh evidence that at least one had been around!"
"And we definitely took advantage of all the games in the storage closet. Badminton was a huge hit,
everyone had a blast in the water and on the beach, and the paddling around the lake was great."
"The weather cooperated (mid 20's and sunny all week) and we were even treated to a
late night lightning show over the lake. The beach was a perfect place to indulge in some
fireworks to celebrate Canada Day, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows at the bon fire."
"The SML was absolutely terrific, with enough room for all of us to rest, relax, and just be...
We could not have asked for a better week! Thanks so much!!! One last word..."
"We would absolutely, positively love to come back!"
(the Tunney, Swiddle, Braeken Families July 1/04)

"2 thumbs up for this vacation. When can we go again?"
(R. Braeken July 1/04)

"Thanks for the wonderful time! Our baby loved the beach and the fresh air.
We can't wait to come back."
(V., G., and A. Tunney July 1/04)

"Wow! Great place! The Smilin' Moose is what I ever imagined. I wish I could come again!
The bon fire was a great place to have fire works on Canada Day and to have
marshmallows and hotdogs.
I'm going to miss the Smilin' Moose."
(Rebecca July 1/04)

"What an amazing place- The lazy day we spent yesterday in the pedal boat and kayak was one of
a dream topped off by a Bell moment camp fire. We'll be back for sure."
(the Gagne family June /04)

"What a beautiful cottage! Hopefully you'll let us come back next year!"
(Antin May/04)

"What a wonderful place to celebrate a 40th Birthday with family, friends and loved ones!"
(L. Tkaczuk May /04)