<<< Summer 2005 >>>


Saw white tailed deer, raccoons, red squirrels, and chipmunks that fed from our hands. Lovely.
What I most enjoyed about the Smilin' Moose was jumping in the lake and using the kayak.
I also enjoyed digging a huge hole on the beach and making a river leading to it. Thanks 4 everything!!!
Loved the location of this place, right combination of wilderness and modern essentials (electricity).
As a geology student the landscape is something I'll never forget. Thanks for giving me the chance to
experience Canada for the first but not the last time.
Hope the deer skull [we found] helps add to the collection.
(Hugh, Cathy, Izzy, Nick, Jamie - 2 weeks in Aug /05)

Loved our stay at the Smilin' Moose. Enjoyed a wonderful week! Thank you!
(Graham, Rebecka, Rachel Aug /05)

Sunny days, starry nites
Memorable moments
Idyllic afternoons at the beach
Lore and Laughter
In the swim
Non-stop badminton
Giggly girls

Mischievous boys
Oodles of fun
Easy angling.
(Don, Patti, Emma, Sophie & Maya- 2 weeks in July&Aug/05)

Enjoyed a fabulous time filled with extraordinary activity! This is a very nice place.
We were not alone: River Otter, Deer, Muskrat, Raccoon and Ribbon Snake were with us and
a Black Bear had been spotted on Bartlett Dr.
Thank you very much for sharing this great place!!!
(Alexandra, Hans & children 2 weeks in July /05)

Once again, the Smilin' Moose delivered on the promise of a great family vacation.
We took advantage of every single amenity offered, including the Golf Access Book :)
The beach, the boat, badminton, and the Canada Day bonfire - complete with fireworks and
roasted marshmallows - were huge hits!
Although some of us didn't go in the canoe... not wanting a repeat of
the "tippy canoe on the calmest lake ever" incident of 2004 ;)
The availability of the sports channels were welcomed with great enthusiasm
as many a night was spent catching up on the various scores!
A great big "THANK YOU!!!" to Marj and Pete for your hospitality.
The kids didn't want to go home... as they put it, "This feels like home."
We've all had a terrific time. Thank you sooo much.
Best Regards,
(the Tunney, Swiddle, Braeken Families July /05)