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Thank you for everything. We all had a blast at the Smilin' Moose.
You have truly thought of everything.
Looking forward to next year.
(Aug 19-26/06)

Thank you for having such a well stocked house! We had a wonderful time and
the kids broke every water safety rule ever written!! Sorry about the shuttlecock
on the roof and all the others that met a dreadful end but you will find
a new can in the cupboard. The Naval battles were all
won by the children - fathers limped away in humiliating defeat!
(Aug 12-19/06)

Fantastic week!! (Michael, Connie, Hong Kong)

I had lots of fun but I didn't like the leech stuck to me! Thank-you ! (Emily)

Had lots of fun running around playing everywhere.
Wars in the water (all won by us kids) cards, running and playing hide and go seek tag
outside in the water and on land and breaking all water safety rules with cousins &
JUST BEING A KID made this whole vacation excellent.
THANK YOU SO MUCH Hope we can come back! (Caitlin)

Your house is very good for hide and go seek tag outside and inside. (Mika)

Your house is awesome!! (Cole)

Toby says "a log in the mouth is better than two on the beach" (Toby, the golden retriever)

Playing Scattergories while drinking ice wine makes for some interesting words! (Chris)

Much swimming, eating, drinking of wine, boating and savoring of victory from the naval wars
(though mostly by the children- the grownups enjoyed the super-soakers!)

The little ones enjoyed finding buried gold on the island! (Elizabeth 5yrs, Madeline 3yrs)

The dog was in dog heaven! We had such a great time. Thanks for everything.
(Aug 12-19/06)

Dear Smilin Moose Lodge!
We had a great time. We really enjoyed our stay and had lots of fun.
(Aug 5-12/06 the Bell's, Palmer's)

We loved the lodge, it was great. Lets Party. That's how much we enjoyed it.

Thank You...For letting us stay. We had a lot of fun.

I had an awesome time staying at the Smilin' Moose Lodge for the week.
We had fun jumping off the raft, canoe & kayak, paddle boat & making sand castles on the beach.
We had tournaments of horseshoes, badminton, & croquet which were really fun.
I'm going to miss this place so much!
(Kelsy 13yrs)

Awesome time at Smilin' Moose. The badminton, croquet, swimming, the beach
and so much more, snakes on the island, paddle boat fun and don't forget the tanning :)
(Kristy 13yrs)

I had a great time here at the Smilin' Moose. We went in the paddle boat,
played board games and went in the canoe. We also had olympics and we
had tournaments and some of the activities were croquet, badminton and even fishing!
Thank you for letting us stay at the Moose!
(Alana 11yrs)

I caught a two pound pike.
(Jonathan 8yrs)

I had a great time. It is a kid heaven here. I caught a 2 1/2 pound large mouth bass
and ate it for dinner. The boats are cool, and the supply of toys are fantastic.
Also the fire pit is so great and we had huge fires.
(Andrew 11yrs July 29-Aug 5/06)

I had the time of my life.
Fun times in the cottage...fun times outdoors...the beach, swimming, badminton (the list goes on...)
(Julia 7yrs)

Everyone had a wonderful time. With so much to do we could have stayed for two weeks.
We will take many memories with us- even the misadventures have a place on our recollections.
We did not find any moose prints on the beach but hope you enjoy
the Moose print we found at 'Art in the Park'.
(Kathy & Jim)

Good times were had by all at the Smilin' Moose! We swam every day at least once,
had some serious badminton matches (all for bragging rights, really) Played on the beach...
We certainly will always remember this vacation-
Cameron with the dance moves (dancin' 2 year old!)
The tree on the road (are you sure you gave me the right directions?)
The Moose Puppet
The baby leeches on Julia's foot (we can still hear the screaming!!)
The intense evening card games (and Keith's "I made up a new game"...)
Jim (Poppy) the badminton master champion
and most of all - Connor (2 yrs) - referring to the vacuum "is it going to blow me away?" :)
(Stacy, Jason, Julia & Cameron)

A fabulous week! Great weather, great food & wonderful company.
An ideal setting makes for years of memories.
Dinner at the Bay Street Cafe
Ice cream at the Kawartha Dairy
Cards 'til you drop (or lose all your money)
Connor's concern for Cameron "Did the moose eat him?"
laughter, laughter, and more laughter!!
(L,K & C)

Wow time flies! But I had a great time @ the smilin' moose.
I had fun canoeing 2 one side of the lake and swimming back 2 the other.
Sure we didn't catch any fish but I had a good time anyway.
But 1 of the best parts ever was making a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.
We had a challenge between my mom and my uncle it was an Iron Chef Bake-Off.
We found 3 toads and 1 frog. (We even named them!)
Their names were: Lenny, Morty, Jimmy, and Timmy.
( July 8-14/06)

I am going to miss the cottage. And going in the deep end and play in the sand.
(Brycen, 6 yrs old, July 8-14/06)

Its us again (for the third time) We just arrived today but I can't wait to play badminton
with the pink net and the swimming is going to be fun! But I hope I don't get
any leeches on my toes this year (Long story...)

I love the puppet moose and the flying bird in the living room.
(by Rebecca, age 10)

We have had another amazing week at the Smilin' Moose. How could a week go by so quickly?!
We re-discovered badminton a& croquet on the lawn.
And the quiet solitude of lounging on the deck, watching the lake.
Our traditional Canada Day fireworks display- moved to July 2nd because of rain - was a huge hit.
So were the roasted marshmallows and bonfire.
We have all enjoyed our week at the Moose. This is truly an understatement,
as each of us did as many things (Swimming, boating, sand-castle building, golfing, +++)
or as little (snoozing on the deck) as we wanted. Every time we come back to the Moose,
we build on our memories from previous years.
Thank you so very much, Pete & Marj, for your hospitality.
You have made the Moose feel very much like home.
It isn't just the kids any more...everyone's saying it... no one wants to go home!
With best regards and thanks,

(the Tunney, Swiddle, Braeken Families July 1-8/06)

"What an amazing place- The lazy day we spent yesterday in the pedal boat and kayak was one of
a dream topped off by a Bell moment camp fire. We'll be back for sure."
(the Gagne family June /04)

"What a beautiful cottage! Hopefully you'll let us come back next year!"
(Antin May/04)
"What a wonderful place to celebrate a 40th Birthday with family, friends and loved ones!"
(L. Tkaczuk May /04)